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How to Layer Skincare

myprofile Joanna Melville | 19.06.2020

The root of whether your hair is curly or straight goes deep. Learn more about why hair can be curly, how to care for curly hair and the best INKEY List hair products that can help define curls and manage kinks and coils.

Joanna Melville | 06.01.2022

Celebrity hair stylist Bjorn Krischker, takes us through 3 simple hair styles that you can easily create at home, along with sharing some top tips on how to treat and hydrate your hair in the winter months. 

Joanna Melville | 23.12.2021

We’ve teamed up with celebrity hair stylist Bjorn Krischker, who has shared his insight on how to style different hair types. With an illustrious career working on photoshoots, events and with celebrity clients, Bjorn truly embodies INKEY’s ethos of ‘Knowledge Powers Change’. Read on for his top tips for curl definition, volume and repairing damaged hair….

Joanna Melville | 22.12.2021

Dry and damaged hair can often get confused as both have similar symptoms including brittleness, breakage, neverending tangles, split ends, dryness and frizz. Despite the similarities on the surface, the cause, treatment and prevention are a bit more tailored. Find out which INKEY List products we recommend to tackle and prevent dry & damaged hair.

Joanna Melville | 23.08.2021

The scalp is literally the root of our hair health and can be the first place to show signs of imbalance which can contribute to the overall look and feel of your locks. From flakiness to excess oil, the scalp is equally as susceptible to problems such as imbalance, environmental factors and disorders. Learn about why a healthy scalp is important and what INKEY List products can help keep a clean and healthy scalp.

Joanna Melville | 30.07.2021

Whilst it’s normal to lose 50-100 hairs per day, increased loss, thinning and flatness of your hair can be a result of deeper rooted lifestyle, genetic and environmental imbalances. Learn more about what causes hair loss and hair thinning, the hair growth cycle and The INKEY List products that can help prevent and reduce hair loss as well as add volume.

Joanna Melville | 30.07.2021

Whether it’s the summery haze of humidity or the result of ongoing damage to the hair, frizz can find its way to all hair types. Find out what causes frizzy hair and how to tame it with The INKEY List's best hair treatments.

Joanna Melville | 17.06.2021

When it comes to haircare, layering is not just a styling thing. Just like skincare, layering your hair products is an effective way to maximise the results of your routine whilst also targeting multiple concerns. Whether it’s an itchy scalp or dull, lacklustre locks, build a recipe that works for you and your hair and scalp goals.

Joanna Melville | 22.04.2021

Bleaching, heat treatments, colouring and styling - the daily grind for luscious-looking locks can be a heavy burden on your hair, with damage being one of the top haircare concerns we encounter.

Let’s get science-y and understand how our hair bonds work and the structure and function of how each hair fiber is built.

Joanna Melville | 02.02.2021

Read about why we have decided to launch a new Hair & Scalp range.

Sarah Lee | 15.06.2020

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